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Live in Your Body using Human Design with Sandra Lee

by Michelle Vandepas | GracePoint: Be Aligned, Purposeful, Intentional.

Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee has been a practitioner of bodywork and intuitively guided energy work for over twenty years. She trained with Karen Curry as a Level Four Human Design Specialist and Family Coach over a two-year period. Sandra also has a degree in chemistry, which is very unusual in the Human Design world.


As a health care provider and closet scientist, Sandra is fascinated by the impact on health of living by design (and of NOT living by design). What healing is available when your thoughts, life and body are in alignment with Both of your blueprints? Sandra truly believes that living in accordance with your Human Design blueprint certainly helps in optimizing the expression of your original DNA blueprint.


Sandra offers a program for people desiring to heal pain and other physical issues, restoring their bodies to higher levels of functionality.
To get in touch with Sandra Lee, you may find more at www.miracleinspirations.com

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