Rebekkah Hanson

Rebekkah Hanson has been an Astrologer for more than forty years and is certified in Human Design and Numerology.


The passion Rebekkah brings to her clients results in transformation. She reconnects them with the truth of who they are and their mission in life, helping them to understand how they can navigate life challenges to get past the struggles as well as guiding them to understand what is truly valuable, meaningful, and worth “the fight.” As this alignment occurs, abundance follows.


An insight from one of Rebekkah’s clients shares the connection she is able to foster: “I left our call having this interesting and clear sense of what my true North really is. I had a knowing of it on some level before our call, but something about hearing Rebekkah tell me things about myself made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up in the oddest of ways. It was like all the things I knew from life were validated in an hour long call. I felt this confidence to pursue my business with the awareness that this is what I am on this planet to do. I frequently look over the notes from our call just in case I missed something.” KW


Rebekkah is a speaker, teacher, author and mentor with an international clientele. She lives in the Denver, Colorado area.


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