Your Personalized
(& Life Purpose Clarity)


We’re all meant to live a life of abundance and joy. Yet, many of us struggle to find the real us hidden inside. Unlock your inner potential with a unique plan for your life based on your Human Design Chart.


All people are equally valuable and important. But each of us has our own energetic blueprint and individual style of operating successfully in life. What might work for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Think about this. Your body is made of trillions of cells, each one with a unique and special job as part of maintaining your health. A nerve cell functions differently from a liver cell or a heart cell. And if a nerve cell “tries” to act like a heart cell….well…you can imagine what kind of problem that creates for the body (and for the nerve cell…) The same is true for us.

We are all unique and designed to function in the way that is best for us.

Yet, we are all conditioned by our upbringing, education and society to try to act and create in one specific way. For example, how many times have you tried to “Just Do It” and “Manifest Your Destiny” (just like the so-called experts have told you…) only to have your dearest efforts result in frustration, disappointment and even bitterness? Maybe you’ve even felt like a failure, or that you lack “will power” and that you are weak and somehow broken.

The real reason why people get “stuck” or feel blocked in their life isn’t because they’re broken, screwing up or lacking in willpower and character. It’s simply because they don’t really know who they are and how they operate. In order to create what you want in your life, you have to: 1. Know who you really are 2. Know what you really want, 3. Understand how to know what is right for you 4. Make decisions that are correct for you 5. Understand how your unique energetic blueprint operates in the world. If you don’t understand these five basic things, you’re probably bouncing around in your life acting like a nerve cell pretending to be a heart cell.


Your Human Design chart contains information that can help you:

 Understand your strengths and gifts

Discover the Truth of Who You Are and Why you are here

Create relationships that are supportive, Joyful and good for you

Get yourself “unstuck”

And that’s just scratching the surface… Of course, knowing your Human Design can help you with all the fundamental pieces of daily living such has helping you learn how to make more money consistently, create better relationships, find work that is in alignment with your authentic gifts and talents and enhance your physical well-being.

If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve probably attended multiple personal growth seminars and read lots of books about manifesting “change” and creating success in your life. Maybe you’ve even studied specific techniques to help you release “blocks” and get yourself “unstuck”. But you still haven’t seen the results you’ve been hoping for. (Even though you’ve been doing everything “right”.)

It’s not your fault. 


 Learn your life purpose

 Master your unique money-making strategy

 Find the best way for you to stay healthy & physically vibrant

 Create what you want in your life

Your Personal Guide

Maybe you dreamed of the day when your family of origin would finally recognize your “Secret Self” as the real YOU. Maybe you’ve even tried to create a life for your “Secret Self”…quit your “day” job and tried something a little weird or crazy, dressed the way you really want to dress, do some of the things you’ve always wanted to do but were afraid to. But no one really seemed to notice or you didn’t have the fulfilling experience you hoped for…

Maybe you worry that your responsibilities and obligations keep you from living out the dreams of your “Secret Self”.

The most amazing thing about a Human Design reading is watching people go from “hiding” their “Secret Self” to unveiling the truth of Who They Are in one hour.

By simply revealing the information in the Human Design chart and synthesizing all the little pieces on that oh-so-powerful piece of paper, I have the honor of watching someone get permission (sometimes for the first time in their life) to be that “Secret Self” they’ve always hoped they were.

The most common thing people say after a reading is, “You really see me. I feel like I’ve been seen for the first time in my life! I finally have permission to live my truth.”

A Human Design reading and The Human Design for Everyone Training Program teach you how to discover that “Secret Self” for yourself. (And, if you feel so inspired, we train you to do the same for others.)

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