Quay Whitlock

Human Design “found” Quay R. Whitlock during a dark and challenging time in her life. At a moment when she should have been feeling blessed to have found love after 40 and giving birth in her 40’s, she felt rushed, depressed, frustrated, and questioned her life’s purpose. She desperately wanted the freedom to spend more quality time with her family, yet her current circumstance prevented her from living the life she desired.

After leaving “corporate America,” Quay has been studying Human Design for several years with a focus on both Healing by Design and Abundance by Design. She feels truly blessed and grateful for being introduced to this one-of-a-kind modality. Her most recent and significant contribution is her work as an Abundance by Design Facilitator. Quay also developed an online series of Abundance by Design group coaching programs focused on helping people live their best and most magnificent life, full of abundance, passion and joy.

Quay and her family currently live in Los Angeles, California, where they enjoy daily sunshine, walks on the beach, community and a life they curated by using their unique Human Designs.

To learn more about Quay Whitlock’s programs, you can visit AllGraceandLove.com