Linda Grace Farley

Linda Grace Farley started her pursuit of “Mind/Body/Spirit connection” in 1986 after experiencing a health crisis that prompted her to evaluate options outside the western medical field.  She embarked on a journey into holistic and esoteric realms, studying with Mind/Body/Spirit thought leaders such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Greg Braden and Dr. David Hawkins.


Her business, Cycles of Life Management Services, focuses on coaching and healing modalities.  After discovering the Human Design program, Linda incorporated this system into her practice.  Her certifications include Human Design Certified Practitioner Level One, Reiki Master (Usui), Light Body Medicine practitioner/ End of Life Doula through Four Winds and Dr. Alberto Villaldo, Past Life Regression Therapy (where she studied under Dr. Brian Weiss) and has certifications in Conversational Intelligence™.

Linda is a member of Toastmasters International and is currently working on her Distinguished Toastmasters title, which expresses her talents in leadership and communications. As a Toastmaster, she volunteers her time in conducting communication workshops in area schools. She also leads workshops, lectures and provides individual coaching and enjoys providing assistance to others in removing energetic blocks so that they may realize their true potential.

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