Karen and Michelle

We’ve got 20+ years in writing, publishing and marketing authors. We’ve combined getting you to #1, radio interviews, in media, book sales, social media platform all with peace and joy so you aren’t stressed during the process…

We’ve also nailed online marketing, have a team that can do your marketing for you and quite frankly – you can hand the whole thing off to us including your publishing. We’ll get you exposure and impact. We love creating results, so this is for people who are ready for that. We use new ideas to get you seen so you must be open to that. We will tell you the truth. The untruths of the publishing industry aren’t safe with us.

Bottom line… if you’re ready to be heard by the masses, get on stage and really get your message out there, we’d love to hear more about what you need.

Author Confidential Application

The best thing about working with Michelle was her dedication to her clients … working with Michelle were my book hit #3 on Amazon, radio interviews, amazing web page, great video’s, knowledge in SEO and other marketing issues I did not know anything about before. I’d recommend Michelle for anyone wanting to grow their business.

Anita Telle

Just working through your best seller course, so concise easy and well paced! Very helpful and a great investment.
Thanks so much.

Susan Putnam

Karen has a gift for providing encouragement, support, and holding writers accountable to fulfill their dreams of writing in a gentle way only encourages more and better writing and not less. She has an incredible flair for marketing, using the most up-to-date tools for publication and social and Internet networking. She is highly knowledgeable about all phases of book production and publication.

Even more important are her psychic and other metaphysical gifts which enable her to penetrate to the true essence of what writers are trying to accomplish, help them discover their blocks, and find ways to overcome them.
Without her help I would be exactly where I have been for several years, thinking about writing instead of actually doing it. I now have a rough draft of over 100 single spaced pages and have developed a regular writing routine to which she holds me accountable to complete the rest of a novel I have been dreaming about for many years.

Beverly Fyke