Alana Heim

Alana Heim is a Certified Public Accountant, a Personal Financial Specialist, a Certified Financial Planner™ and a Human Design Specialist. (Although she is not from Anaheim, her name sounds like she is — she lives in Reno.) Alana is the Prosperity Alignment Coach and the founder of Prosperity Alignment, Inc.


She proudly and boldly takes clients on a unique, transformative journey around the Prosperity Compass™, her signature system. Through the confines of the Compass, she bridges the vision of who they want to be in alignment with who they are through Human Design. She then intricately guides them through their own self-healing work that is necessary to rewire their brain, and shifts their DNA to remove the fears as well as limiting beliefs that hold them back. This deep work prepares them to investigate and then conquer the inner wealth issues that were imprinted upon them. At the end of the journey, they emerge as the beautiful soul they have always been: full of love and light, generous, authentic, empowered and living life with a passion that emanates from them.

Her vision is to lead humanity through this process of finding inner prosperity. Alana is an advocate for solidarity, philanthropy, and sustainability. She is a two-motors projector, and lives with her projector husband, their three children and two cats.
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