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Interview with Kristin

by Michelle Vandepas | GracePoint: Be Aligned, Purposeful, Intentional.

Kristin Shorter

Kristin Shorter first found Human Design in 2010 after getting her Bachelors in Psychology and working as a certified Victim Outreach Specialist with the University of Texas in Austin. She is a Certified Human Design Specialist Level Four as well as a Certified Family Coach offering Human Design Readings, Family Analysis, Sacral Sessions, Generator Coaching and Relationship Readings.
She loves sharing Human Design with people because of the evolution of clients truly understanding themselves and remembering their life purpose. Kristin works with clients all over the world, participating in speaking engagements, seminars and trainings.
This single mother of three brilliant children personally attests that Human Design is a powerful tool that can truly and profoundly change your world and that of your family.
Find out more about Kristin Shorter at findyourhumandesign.com.

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