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mandala3What is Human Design?

The Human Design Body Graph represents a snapshot look at the “DNA” of your waking personality. In other words, it is a still picture of some of the fixed personality characteristics with which you were born. We are all born with a fixed biological structure determined by our DNA. While the environment can work on our nature and affect it in many ways, certain characteristics will never change. If you have brown eyes, for example, you will always have brown eyes. If you are male you will always be male (barring surgery). Your genes, in other words, do not change over time. One way to think of a Human Design Body Graph chart is to consider it a representation of the “genes” of your Personality.

I want to clarify that the free chart you receive by no means represents the whole picture about you and your personality, no more than one chromosome would represent your whole biology. Your are a beautiful multidimensional being with great depth and complexity. The Body Graph chart that I send and that is used for an initial Human Design Analysis represents the personality traits you exhibit during your typical waking state. This is called your “Solar” chart or waking design. It is probably the most important chart for a beginner to learn about, but there are other charts that represent your “sleeping” design and your design at different phases of your life.

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