What Does It Take To LiveĀ An Abundant Life?

Abundance by Design is a life-changing system that gives a deep understanding of yourself using Human Design. This book shows how to use this system to create true sustainable health, wealth and happiness.

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Abundance by Design teaches how to make the RIGHT decisions that will take you where you really want to be in life. Through the stories and examples in this book you will:

Discover the forces that influence your every thought, emotion and action while learning how to maintain focus and direction to create what you really want in life.

Discover life’s purpose, reconnect with true desires and learn why this is the MOST important thing you must do to change your financial future.

Learn how to integrate Human Design with your beliefs, values, desires, life purpose and stay energized, passionate, on target and aligned with creating an authentic, abundant life.

Meet our Contributors

Karen Curry Parker

Best-selling Author

The Abundance by Design program was developed by Karen Curry Parker, international speaker and best-selling author of Understanding Human Design the New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are.

Karen is a long-time leader in the business and personal growth community. She has personally trained thousands of people to use Human Design, helping them identify, resolve, and overcome habits and conditioning keeping them stuck.

Linda Bissin Copp

Human Design Specialist

Dave Buck

CEO, CoachVille

Linda Grace Farley

Life Coach

Tina Forsyth

Author & Jill of All Trades

Peg Rose Goddard

Human Design Facilitator

Rebekkah Hanson

Astrologer & Numerologist

Alana Heim

Prosperity Alignment Coach

Sandra Lee

Human Design Specialist

Evelyn Levenson

Success by Human Design

Kristin Shorter

Human Design Specialist

Lorie Speciale

Mental Health Counselor

Quay Whitlock

Abundance by Design